Sunday, November 20, 2011 Sells For $15,000 On Another Busy Day On | The Domains Sells For $15,000 On Another Busy Day On | The Domains: " Sells For $15,000 On Another Busy Day On
2011 NOVEMBER 18
by Michael H. Berkens

The domain name just sold for $15,000 on

There were 5 bidders on willing to pay $10K or more.

Here are some other sales from today: $4,102 $5,711 $1,601"

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  2. Excellent, for 15K is a nice benchmark! I think I can now roll out my own personal list of high quality domains in various categories:

    My current thinking on this is that domains that might have brought in Big Money (in the millions) lets say even as recently as 2005 which was already about a tenth of what the might have been at a different time:

    Ex: #105 $600,000 Townsend, David 12/1/2005 Private sale Or ... #241 $230,000 Moniker Privacy Services 7/30/2008 MONIKER ONLINE SERVICES, INC.